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"Human Design offers a mechanical understanding of the nature of being. With understanding comes a genuine revolution, the realignment of a life and the awakening of awareness. Human Design offers a methodology uniquely tailored to your design that liberates you from 'not-self' conditioning. It is called Strategy & Authority and it is the catalyst of transformation. 

Most important to recognize is that this is knowledge to be experimented with. There is a 'way' but it can only be your way. Allow this work to guide and inform you and then, if it is correct for you, enter into the most extraordinary journey of your life."

- Ra Uru Hu (Founder of Human Design)

Meet & greet - 20 minutes. Free

Human Design will reveal personal information about you. Let's get to know each other before we decide to work together. 

Osprey with catch. In water. No fear to dive in. Emotions. Going after what you want.

Full Human Design Chart Reading - $300(CAD)/$225(USD)

From your birth information a ~20 page reading will be compiled. A PDF copy will be sent to you via email. Then an hour long call will be scheduled to talk about the information. After 2-4 weeks a follow up call can be scheduled to answer any questions that came up with the integration of your chart information.

Osprey perched on tree. Ready to fly. Keeping a lookout. High above. Ready to go after what you want.

Relationship Readings - $180(CAD)/$130(USD)

Learn how your energies interact with another and find out what your relationship is capable of. An initial Relationship chart reading is no charge (as long as both of you have had the Full Reading completed by me). Curios about 3 or more charts to be compared? Please contact for pricing.

Osprey in water. Coming out with wings spread. Diving into water and ready to fly.

Individual/couples coaching - $70(CAD)/55(USD) per hour

After your Full Reading I am available to offer additional guidance. Your life and/or relationship journey can be difficult to navigate. I can help and am here to offer insights, neutral perspectives, and as much assistance as possible. In my life I've come upon many obstacles and will gladly support you with the wisdoms that have been passed on to me.

Osprey with wings spread. No fear to show one's beauty and power. Ready to fly. Ready to go after what you want.

Follow up call for your Full Chart Reading        - No charge

Once 2-4 weeks (or more) has passed since your Full Chart Reading there will undoubtedly be questions. Let's book a time to connect about your integration process, I am here to help.

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