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Upcoming Events

Original design of Osprey tattoo. Osprey coming in to land. Determined. Determination. Going after what you want.
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No date set yet for next event

Human Design evening

In this event we will be exploring Human Design and the various aspects everyone's charts.

Email to express interest for the next event!

Coming soon!

Intro to Human Design course

This course will be a video series that will take you through the foundations of Human Design. It will most likely end up as 8 one hour lessons that will help you find a happier life by living through your design.

Email to be added to the early bird pricing list!

Osprey with catch. In water. No fear to dive in. Emotions. Going after what you want.
Osprey perched. Resting. Ready to fly. Determined. Going after what you want.

Coming soon!

Couples connection and communication course

This will be a fabulous course to help you and your partner build (or re-build) a solid foundation. We'll dive into the ways that Human Design can improve your relationship. Other modalities will be woven in as well throughout the course.

Email to get updates on this Couples course!

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